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Long story short...
July 30, 2022
Our forever begins!
We are getting married!
6921 Vico-Morcote, Switzerland
Wedding venue
The wedding will take place in a private and peaceful location in Vico Morcote, located in a panoramic position on the shore of the romantic Lake Lugano.
A unique land between lake and sky.
A medieval castle. A variety of exclusive experiences related to the world of food & wine and nature…
Going to the wedding
Returning from the wedding
3-4 pm
4:30 pm
As we have limited parking spaces, transportation will be provided to the wedding venue from Lugano. More details will follow.
Transportation from the wedding venue to Lugano will be provided.
transportation to the wedding venue
religious ceremony
aperitivo, dinner, music and party
Have a power nap before coming to the wedding!
We recommend you staying at the Hotel Admiral Lugano where you will be able to book a room at a discount rate.

If you are interested, please contact the hotel referencing your discount code #simona&giorgio15.
Rental car
Milan Malpensa (MXP) is the closest airport to Lugano.
Lugano is approx. 45 minutes from MPX.
Bus is the most convenient option to go from MXP to Lugano.
Shuttle buses run approx. each hour.
The roads around Vico Morcote are very small and curvy: they can be fun to drive but can also be a little treacherous - be careful! If you are renting a car, consider renting a smaller vehicle.
Many of you are traveling far to celebrate with us in Vico Morcote, so your presence means the absolute world to us and that is all we ask for. However, should you wish to indulge us with a gift, here’s our bank account details:
Account Nr.: 3500-5.210545.5
IBAN: CH46 0070 0350 0521 0545 5
If you have some free time during our wedding weekend, take the opportunity to visit Lugano (the main city on Lake Ceresio).

Lugano is a charming town with plenty of shopping, bars, restaurants and a long lakefront.
Walk around the city center (Via Pessina, Piazza Cioccaro, Via Nassa, Piazza Grande, Rivetta Tell)
Walk on the lakefront from Parco Ciani up to the Lac (a concert, theatre, art center)
Take a boat trip around Lake Ceresio and visit the little villages of Melide and Gandria
Take a cable car to Monte San Salvatore and enjoy the amazing view (you can also hike up!)
Take a cable car to Monte Bre and enjoy the amazing view while having a drink and a snack.
We recommend the following when in Lugano:
There are many more activities beyond the Lugano area, and you can get more inspirations here.
_the area
Please respond with your attendance by March 20th, 2022
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We can't wait to celebrate with you!
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